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[Men's Ministry]

Lead(s): Bro. Raymond Chase | Pastor Bush

The goal of the ministry is to equip men of God to know and be able to recognize who God is, to know God’s love and to know God’s purpose in our personal/family lives. Jesus once said, “Why do you call Me Lord, and do not (practice) what I tell you. (Luke 6:46-49 in context.) Men's Fellowships are designed to help men maximize their potential as a “Kingdom Man” for the glory of God and the betterment of others. What is used to accomplish this possible? Through reading and teachings of the word of God; through personal and corporate prayer time with God. By sharing their personal testimony on where God brought them from and now through to get where they are today (a work in progress), by being doers of the word of God and not hearers only.



[Women's Ministry]

Lead(s): Sis. Stacy Johnson

With prayer, humbleness, compassion, accountability, transparency, and meekness, the members of Sisters4Sisterhood will lift each other up, be there for our sisters in Christ, lend a listening ear to our sisters, give a hand to our sisters in need, forge relationships within the community, and serve our God with all that is within us. The love we have for one another did not come from man but from the Creator God who is love.

Yes Yam New Layout.jpg

(Yeilding, Experiencing, and Surrendering)

[Young Adult Ministry]

Lead(s): Sis. Apriljoy Jones

The Young Adult Ministry's (Y.E.S Y.A.M) mission is to impact and influence others through our testimonies, God given gifts, talents, abilities, and resources to advance the kingdom of God. We grow closer in our relationship with God by replying to His question in Genesis 4:9 with "YES, I am". We Yield to God and the Godly counsel He has placed around us in order to Experience the fullness of His love through the sharpening and fellowship with one another and we Surrender all that has been revealed to God through the renewing of our minds and becoming naked again just as He intended in Genesis. The YES YAM yearns to experience the fullness of God's Perfect love and live fully in the unique purpose He has for each of us through consistent Progression, while also showing others like us the greatness in doing so.

Ages: 18-35


Youth Group

[Coming Soon!]

Stay tuned for our Youth Group!

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